Nearly 200 New COVID-19 Cases In 3 Days: Iredell Update

Kimberly Johnson
·2 min read

MOORESVILLE, NC — Nearly 200 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported in the span of three days, according to the Iredell County Health Department.

The news comes as state public health officials warn that rural communities are reporting twice as many COVID-19 cases compared to urban or suburban communities.

As of Thursday afternoon, the county reported it had a total of 4,601 cases, an increase of 198 new cases since Monday afternoon, according to ICHD data.

The county's coronavirus death toll rose by four deaths this week for a total of 50 lives lost to the virus since March, while 23 county residents remained hospitalized for COVID-19 illness Thursday afternoon.

Hospitalizations in the county have seen a dramatic rise in recent weeks and are more than triple what they were one month ago, according to Iredell County Health Department. During the week of Nov. 2, the county reported a weekly average of 29.6 hospitalizations, up from an average of 9.6 hospitalizations reported the week of Oct. 5.

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As of Thursday, North Carolina reported 303,454, confirmed coronavirus cases, which included 2,893 new cases confirmed since Wednesday, according to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Statewide, at least 1,279 were reported hospitalized.

Iredell County health officials group cases into three regions of the county: North, Central and South. Here's a breakdown of how many cases were confirmed in each region as of 4 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 12:

North Region (zip codes 27020, 27028, 27055, 28625, 28634, 28636, 28660, 28689 and 28678)

  • 937 cases (up from 881 cases reported Nov. 5)

Central Region (zip codes 27013, 28166, 28677)

  • 1,855 cases (up from 1,731 cases reported Nov. 5)

South Region (zip codes 28036, 28115, 28117, 28125)

  • 1,809 cases (up from 1,672 cases reported Nov. 5)


This article originally appeared on the Mooresville Patch