Nearly 300 jobs open in Sugar Land with ABC 13 virtual job fair

VIRTUAL JOB FAIR: This week, ABC13+ is in Sugar Land. Nick Natario is teaming up with Workforce Solutions for a virtual job fair Tuesday, featuring about 300 jobs in the area!

Video Transcript

NICK NATARIO: We have almost 10 companies in these area that's going to be hiring. You know, the latest jobs report shows that Sugar Land's unemployment is actually one of the best here in the Houston area. But still, it's nearly double what it was this time last year, which is why we're here to help you get a job and free career advice. Sugar Land has undergone serious changes over the past couple decades. The same is true with its top job markets. No longer is agriculture the top industry.

- Health care services and then also retail trade.

NICK NATARIO: It's an area looking to expand. Tomorrow, ABC13 is hosting a virtual job fair with Workforce Solutions on our website and streaming app at 11:30. There are nearly 300 jobs available, with some paying around $70,000 a year. Some of the industries include manufacturing, dental, law enforcement, and child care. If you apply tomorrow, you could get a job within days.

- Employers are looking to hire immediately, and so we highly encourage for our customers to log on and visit those virtual job fairs.

NICK NATARIO: If you're looking for work in the Sugar Land area, Workforce Solutions can help you either virtually or curbside service. The doors have been closed to the public for more than a year, but that changed today. Hold up. Doesn't mean you can just walk right in. To get in-person help, now you have to make an appointment, either online or on your phone first. Go ahead.

- Hi. I'd like to make an appointment.

- It is limited capacity, just so that we help keep our customers safe. Each office will have a certain number of customers they can have in office at one time.

NICK NATARIO: It comes at a needed time. The recent state jobs report that was released days ago shows in February, the unemployment rate in the Houston area rose to 8.4%, which is nearly 2 points higher than the rest of the country. Still, nearly 7,000 jobs were added, so there are companies hiring.

- I think that we're seeing things turn around, and that's a good sign. Like I said, jobs are being added. Employers are looking to hire.

NICK NATARIO: So the virtual job fair will focus on the Sugar Land area, but there are employers from throughout the Houston area. If you're not looking for a job but just want to talk to someone, maybe get some help, we even have an ABC13 viewer hotline. Remember, tomorrow at 11:30 on our website and ABC13 streaming app. Live in Sugar Land, Nick Natario, ABC13 Eyewitness News.

- The jobs are there for those who want them. All right.