Nearly 500,000 people have died from COVID in the US

At least 42 states were forced to cancel COVID vaccine appointments due to a lack of supply.

Video Transcript

- This morning, the US closing in on half a million COVID deaths. And overnight, many states struggling with their biggest weapon against the virus, vaccinations. The latest winter blast has slowed delivery of tens of thousands of doses across the country. Americans hopeful for vaccines striking out in North Carolina.

- Frustrated. Because this is the second time in less than seven days, and no shot.

- Chuck Pryor is a funeral director in hard hit Houston.

Chuck Pryor: I feel very, very helpless. People can't mourn properly, and it is so needed.

- The governor of Massachusetts is asking the federal government for approval to send National Guard troops down South to pick up vaccines. Even places not dealing with severe weather are experiencing the effects of it. Los Angeles is canceling thousands of vaccination appointments today because of shipment delays.

- We're doing everything we can to track those doses, or to try to find additional doses, but we're not alone.

- In fact, vaccinations were postponed or canceled in at least 42 states. The weather is impacting President Biden's messaging on COVID as well. Today, he's headed to Kalamazoo, Michigan to tour a Pfizer facility. It's a trip that was supposed to happen yesterday, inclement weather forcing him to reschedule. But some good news, new cases of the virus are declining, and the CDC projects that will continue over the next four weeks.

- After another disappointing jobs report, Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, continued pushing for President Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID relief package, saying she hopes the measure will be enacted in the next coming weeks.