Nearly 600 New Coronavirus Cases In Ohio As Illnesses Near 20,000

Feroze Dhanoa

The number of cases of the new coronavirus neared 20,000 in Ohio Sunday afternoon and deaths from the illness reached 1,038, according to the latest data from the Ohio Department of Health.

As of Sunday afternoon, there are 19,914 cases of the illness in Ohio and 1,038 deaths. The numbers include both confirmed and probable cases of the illness under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's expanded definition of likely cases and deaths.

The numbers represent an increase of 579 cases and 17 deaths in the past 24 hours. Over a five-day average, Ohio is reporting 629 new cases daily and 48 deaths, according to health department data. Health officials are also reporting the number of cases in long-term care facilities. So far, 2,232 residents in long-term care facilities and 898 staff members have become ill with the virus.

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Health officials say 3,769 Ohioans are hospitalized with the illness while 1,078 patients are in the intesive care unit. The median age of those currently hospitalized with the virus is 65.

Below is the breakdown by age of the percentage of hospitalizations:

0-19: 1 percent

20-29: 3 percent

30-39: 5 percent

40-49: 9 percent

50-59: 19 percent

60-69: 24 percent

70-79: 20 percent

80+: 19 percent

Franklin, Cuyahoga and Marion counties lead the state with the most number of cases, driven in part by a large number of cases being confirmed inside prisons.

More information of the coronavirus in the state can be found on the state's COVID-19 dashboard.


This article originally appeared on the Cleveland Patch