Nearly Half of the States Have an Obesity Rate of Over 30 Percent

The U.S. obesity rates for 2014 have been released and it’s not looking too good if you live in the South (or if you’re a rat in New York City.) The data, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s annual Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System program, was gathered from Americans who were surveyed about their health.

The top five states with the highest rates are: Arkansas 35.9 percent, West Virginia 35.7 percent, Mississippi 35.5 percent, Louisiana 34.9 percent, Alabama 33.5 percent. Despite all of its marijuana sales (and accompanying munchies) Colorado’s rate was the lowest nationally with 21.3 percent.

In comparison, back in 1991 no state had more than a 20 percent obesity rate, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Trust for America's Health. You can look at a map with each state's rate below.

[via Business Insider]

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