Nearly two dozen indicted in connection with 2017 drug bust

Mar. 6—A Cobb County grand jury indicted nearly two dozen people this week on racketeering charges stemming from a 2017 drug bust.

The 21 defendants are charged with violations of the state's racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations (RICO) act, cocaine possession, and other charges.

The indictment indicates the charges are related to a slew of drug arrests more than five years ago of dozens of people. The arrests were the culmination of a months-long investigation by the county's multi-agency narcotics unit, the MDJ reported at the time.

Investigators tapped the cellphones of at least four suspected drug dealers, according to warrants in the case, following them to gas stations, restaurants and homes across the county where the suspects were observed meeting with others and allegedly exchanging drugs for cash.

Agents arrested those who allegedly purchased heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine while continuing surveillance on the suspected dealers, warrants show.

Police said they observed several drug transactions at locations across Cobb, with one person allegedly selling heroin to an undercover officer. Another defendant, Jesus Solorio of Atlanta, has been accused of facilitating the sale of more than 1,113 grams of methamphetamine.

The complete list of defendants named in the indictment is as follows:

— Raymond Agrinsoni

— Trent Donavin Barnett

— Eduardo Cruz

— Miguel Angel Esquilin

— Stephanie Nicole Grimes

— Terrance Douglas Hamlin

— Shakira Harper

— Timothy Mathis Kates

— Maci Kazarah Kennedy

— Skylar Smith Landry

— Ronald Sammy Loggins Jr.

— Jesse Martinez

— Kevin Blake Moore

— Cynthia Solorio Ochoa

— Kelly Ann Pickelsimer

— Stephen Taylor Shriver

— William Lester Stephen

— Arjorgio Brown Walker

— Robert Matthew Wood

— Charles Alexander Mcadoo

— Jesus Solorio