Neato Robotics D750 Pet Edition robot vacuum on sale for £450 off on Amazon

Joseph Green

TL;DR: The powerful Neato Robotics D750 Pet Edition robot vacuum is on sale for £449.99, saving you 50% on list price.

We all love our pets. They are little bundles of love that need to be worshipped on a daily basis, but it's not all good.

If you have a dog, cat, or something else that's covered in fur, you'll know only too well how far and wide the stuff gets. Seriously, you'll spend a few minutes on the sofa, and wham, you're completely covered in little fluffy hairs that stick to your clothing like glue. 

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Now, this isn't the fault of your pet, and we're certainly not suggesting that you should blame them for being cute and soft, but you do need to do something about the layer of hair covering your house. You need to invest in a vacuum cleaner that can handle your pets. Read more...

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