Needy Fund helps single mother of three pay rent

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A single mother of three young children was having difficulty making ends meet. Although her job in a nursing home had available hours for her to work, she was only able to work part-time, due to not being able to find consistent child care that she could afford.

During the pandemic, the problem worsened. She began having trouble paying her rent and fell deeper and deeper into a financial hole.

When she was no longer able to keep up with her rent payments, she reached out to the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund. The Needy Fund was able to help her pay off her back rent, giving the single mother one less bill to worry about.

Needy Fund logo
Needy Fund logo

More about the Needy Fund

Many human service agencies offer assistance to those in need, but the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund has been helping with a host of immediate, short-term emergencies, such as food, rent, medical costs and other basic expenses since 1936.

No cash is given to Needy Fund recipients. Instead, the agency pays vendors through a voucher program. The case described above was provided by the Needy Fund on condition of anonymity.


Donations, which are tax deductible, may be made at Checks also can be made payable to the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund and mailed to Cape Cod Times Needy Fund, P.O. Box 36, Hyannis, MA 02601.


Those needing assistance may contact the Needy Fund at 508-778-5661 or 800-422-1446.

Questions can be emailed to The Needy Fund is also on Facebook ( and Twitter (@NeedyFund).

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This article originally appeared on Cape Cod Times: Cape Cod Times Needy Fund helps single mother of three pay rent