Neguse: This trial is 'borne from love,' not hate

House impeachment manager Rep. Joe Neguse implored Senators to put country above party when considering whether to convict former President Donald Trump, saying "the consequences of not doing so are just too great." (Feb. 13)

Video Transcript

JOE NEGUSE: There are moments that transcend party politics and that require us to put country above our party because the consequences of not doing so are just too great. Senators, this is one of those moments. I was struck yesterday by defense counsel's continued references to hate. This trial is not born from hatred. Far from it. It's born from love of country-- our country-- our desire to maintain it, our desire to see America at its best. And I believe that this body can rise to the occasion once again today by convicting President Trump, and defending our Republic.

And the stakes-- the stakes could not be higher, because the cold, hard truth is that what happened on January 6 can happen again. I fear, like many of you do, that the violence we saw on that terrible day may be just the beginning. We've shown you the ongoing risks, the extremist groups who grow more emboldened every day. Senators, this cannot be the beginning. It can't be the new normal. It has to be the end. And that decision is in your hands.