Neighboring islander urges support for highway expansion alternative on Johns Island

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Support Alternative 6

The Chucktown newspaper is not being honorable to true South Carolina islanders. Our state beach is gated by Kiawah-Town-- not doing unto others the way they want to be treated.

A five-lane roadway proposal threatens. Most of the alternatives stand to impact many without justifiable need.

Kiawah/Seabook have long contributed to their own traffic-delays by refusing low-income housing to eliminate service workers’ commute time. Charleston-County’s own traffic-data shows that five-lane-highway to dead-end gates is not needed.

Bohicket and River now meet with four-lane Betsy-Kerrison. The PGA is a gem, but Bohicket, River and Betsy Kerrison along with a fresh-cut four-lane direct route on Kiawah would end this nuttiness.

The overdue improvements are supported by flyovers at Highway17/MainRoad. This coupled with improvements along Maybank/Bohicket crossroads are sensible solutions – low-cost, low-impact and realistic time frame without endless legal-actions over eminent-domain.

The designated scenic highway parallels acres of Bohicket River, one of the longest saltwater river-systems. Abundant wildlife, active farmland, grand-tree canopy, and longstanding family land thrive here.

Please support Alternative6 during the comment period closing May 27. Email your elected state officials directly.

Capers Owings, Johns Island

Recognizing good care

I recently spent three weeks in Intensive care at Hilton Head Hospital and two weeks in Encompass Rehab. My medical care at both was excellent.

The men and women of the nursing staff, upon which the whole medical system depends, were exceptional! They were both professional, comforting and supportive.

I can recognize good medical care -- I had it!

Dr. William M. Hebble, Hilton Head

The IRS perspective

Because I was born on Jan. 1, and my oldest son was also born on Jan. 1, I am aware that the

U.S. Government and its Internal Revenue Service do not recognize a full term fetus in utero as an existing human being. If the birth and first breath occur at 12:01 a.m. on Jan. 1, its existence in the previous year is not recognized and cannot be claimed as a dependent.

All government records begin the date and time of birth. At this time, a name and Social Security number must be created to identify the new human being. It seems this sets a precedent precluding the government from enacting laws relative to fetuses as human beings. To change this would require assigning a name and Social Security number at conception.

Therefore, the choice for or against abortion must remain with the mother who is the only acknowledged human being in existence at the time of this decision.

Gerald Moore, Okatie

Honoring nurses

In celebration of National Nurses Week, the S.C. Association of Nurse Anesthetists thanks nurses of every stripe for being the front-line providers who care for patients during their times of greatest need.

In the operating room, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), circulating nurses and scrub nurses work together to ensure patients’ comfort and safety.

Delivering our patients to recovery, we know they will be well cared for by vigilant PACU nurses. In the ICU, critical care nurses meet patients’ complicated healthcare needs.

CRNAs have walked in these nurses’ shoes, as we must acquire critical care nursing experience prior to nurse anesthesia school.

Finally, situated in their hospital room, patients continue toward wellness under the watchful care of bedside nurses.

In the emergency room, CRNAs work with heroic ER nurses on the front lines of trauma.

In OB, the labor epidurals we provide new moms assist the nurses who help bring new lives into the world.

For the women and men who comprise the community of nurses, patient care is more than a livelihood, it’s an honor and privilege.

Elizabeth Wilkes, Aiken