Neighbors 4 Neighbors, Miami Dolphins Team Up To Feed Those In Need

Handed out food and gift cards at Highland Community Village in North Miami Beach.

Video Transcript

- Neighbors 4 Neighbors and the Miami Dolphins are teaming up to tackle hunger in the community. Yesterday's event took place at the Highland Community Village in North Miami Beach. Miami-Dade School Superintendent, Alberto Carvalho, and CBS4 Vice President and General Manager, Darryll Green, were on hand as families received a $25 gift card, hot meals from Lovely's food truck. They were also given masks to help stay safe amid the pandemic.

ALBERTO CARVALHO: Events like this inspire me. You know, I come from poverty and I know what it feels like to have a rumbling stomach. And many of the children in our community and many of their families would go without a proper meal would it not be for the partners that we have.

DARRYLL GREEN: It's important for us to be out events like this so that, again, we're part of the community. We live here. The stronger the community is, the better it is for all of us. And there's just so many people in need.

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