Neighbors say Cobb man repeatedly flashes them -- even after being jailed for lewd acts

Some neighbors in a local community are fed up about a man who lives in the neighborhood who has been exposing himself.

Police arrested the man, but now, he’s out on bond.

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Channel 2′s Cobb County Bureau Chief Michele Newell was in Marietta Thursday, where one neighbor said he is actually moving out of the neighborhood because of the situation.

Another neighbor covered the view of her deck with tarps to avoid seeing what she said her neighbor continued to do.

Rebecca Martin said she feels like she is trapped inside her own home.


“I live in absolute fear,” Martin said. “I had to essentially lock every single gate in my yard to prevent him from coming into my property.”

Martin has cameras installed all around her house and said she was filming the neighbor, Mark Hill, to get as much evidence as possible.

“For a little over a year he’s been coming outside, exposing himself,” Martin said. “There’s kids that walk up and down the street on a daily basis that have to pass in front of his house. He started leaving letters in my mailbox that basically solicited me for actions. Made me extremely uncomfortable.”

Another neighbor said he is moving out because the problem has gone on for so long.

Martin said she’s given Hill’s letters to police and that she finally captured video of him performing a sexual act on himself.

He’s been charged with stalking and public indecency.

But Martin said her security cameras capture video of Hill in front of her house even after he got out of jail.

“My concern is, where does it escalate to next?” Martin said. “Is it going to be somebody else?”

Bryndon Jean with Marietta police said that police usually try to catch criminals early on before situations escalate.

“That’s why it’s important for neighbors if they see something, say something,” Jean said. “Get security cameras. When you provide security footage to the police it is a major assistance.”

The neighbor who is moving said it’s because it’s become very clear that Hill needs some serious help and he needs to be in a healthier environment to get treatment.