Neighbors in Elliott concerned about cracked, crumbling road

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Neighbors in Elliott are living literally on edge, concerned about a cracked road that’s starting to crumble down a hillside.

“This is very unsafe,” said Janet Ford, a resident on Herndon Street.

Ford contacted Channel 11 after failing to see action when she and others reached out to both the mayor’s office and the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority.

“The street was fixed a few years ago, but after nine months, it started cracking again, and recently, it’s just sinking,” she said.

Another neighbor, Tracy Carter, said the issue dates back decades. Over the years, the city has only offered “band-aid” solutions, she said.

“Patching ain’t going to work anymore,” she told us.

Channel 11 visited the street on Friday. A huge stretch of the road, which is tucked away and leads to a dead end, has multiple, deep cracks. Parts of the road are separated by at least a foot. We observed a delivery driver attempt to drive up, but turn away.

Neighbors told us residents have issues driving there as well, as do plow trucks and first-responder vehicles.

“So what happens to Steve, down (on) the end, if his house is on fire?” Carter said. “It’s terrible that they won’t fix it.

Ford told us that PWSA has also been unable to replace the street’s lead lines, considering the road’s condition.

A city spokesperson on Friday told us “DOMI and PWSA are working together to assess the situation and to fund and implement a plan to address both the landslides and the water main and lead line replacement.”

We did observe a worker on-site assessing the situation late Friday morning.

“We need help up here, this is the forgotten street,” Carter said.


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