Neighbors of fatally stabbed Beverly Grove man hold vigil, stage protest

A community vigil was held in a Beverly Grove neighborhood Saturday for an innocent man who was stabbed to death in a random attack in his own backyard.

Video Transcript

- And tonight the Beverly Grove community mourning a young man who was stabbed to death in his backyard by a mentally ill homeless man. Now loved ones and residents are blaming their local elected leaders. They say homeless issues are plaguing their neighborhood, and not enough is being done. Here's our Leanne Suter.

LEANNE SUTER: A community in mourning after a deadly random attack costs an innocent victim his life.

RILEY MCCLUSKEY: So many talents, so funny, and so disciplined in pursuit of the things that he was passionate about.

HILARY MCCLUSKEY: The world lost the most incredible human. I mean, the world is truly a dimmer place without Gabe.

LEANNE SUTER: 31-year-old Gabe Donnay was stabbed to death Monday in his Beverly Grove backyard. The suspect, 32-year-old Enoch Connors was found dead after slitting his own throat. Investigators say it appears Connors was living in his car. Witnesses described him as being mentally unstable.

RILEY MCCLUSKEY: This was a preventable thing that, in my opinion, could be directly traceable to some of the failures of some of our institutions.

LEANNE SUTER: It's unclear if Connors was connected to a large homeless encampment near the upscale neighborhood, which residents say has increased crime and drugs. For months, residents have been trying to get help from the city and their councilman, but to no avail.

- Paul Koretz, your neighbors want to talk to you about their dead neighbor.

LEANNE SUTER: Angry residents marching to Councilman Paul Koretz's home from the crime scene demanding action. His office says they're working with the LAPD and city programs to address the issue. Family and friends of Donnay, who was an accomplished musician and data scientist, say they hope his death isn't in vain.

RILEY MCCLUSKEY: Hopefully, enough people will be motivated and kind of inspired by Gabe's life and by what a tragedy this was that we see some change in policy from our leaders so it doesn't happen again.