Neighbors Say Father Fatally Shot Adult Son After Argument Spilled Into Claremont Street

A 71-year-old man was taken into custody Wednesday after a person was found shot to death in Claremont, police said. According to neighbors, it started as a family argument that spilled into the street and ended with a father fatally shooting his adult son.

Video Transcript

PAT HARVEY: One man is dead and another is in custody after a deadly shooting in Claremont. Good evening, everyone. I'm Pat Harvey.

JUAN FERNANDEZ: And I'm Juan Fernandez. Jeff Vaughn is off tonight. A horrible scene in a quiet Claremont neighborhood. A man shot and killed in the street.

PAT HARVEY: And police have a man in his 70s in custody. CBS 2's, Rick Montanez is live from the scene. Rick.

RICK MONTANEZ: Pat and Juan, a disturbing situation out here. Neighbors tell us this started as a family argument that spilled into the street, and ended with a father shooting and killing his adult son. It all happened behind us here. This is on Salem Court, just north of Scripps Drive.

Right now crews are out here cleaning up the crime scene. Investigators have this neighborhood blocked off right now while they process the crime scene out here. The deadly shooting happened in the middle of the street. Sky 2 overhead this afternoon.

One neighbor says she woke up to the sound of arguing, then heard several loud bangs. She says it was disorienting. Other neighbors called 911 after they realized they heard gunshots.

First responders found the victim laid out in the street this morning around 8:20. The victim died a short time later at the hospital. We talked to Joyce Kuntz who says she's known the family for decades, and that the father and son argued quite often. She says it's difficult to make sense of all of this.

JOYCE KUNTZ: Well you can't because you can't read other people's minds. But knowing that family for as many years as I've known them, I knew eventually something terrible was going to happen.

PAT HARVEY: She also tells us she found several bullet holes in the side of her home this afternoon. And they're waiting to see if there's more damage once they can clear the crime scene and go investigate. She also says that her son actually witnessed the shooting. The son, we're told, is in his late 30s.

Again, a 72-year-old man is in custody. And police tell us they recovered a handgun here at the crime scene. We're live in Claremont, Rick Montanez, CBS 2 News.