Neighbors frustrated after they say drivers are going 3 times the speed limit in their neighborhood

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People in one neighborhood told Channel 2 Action News Tom Jones that drivers are going more than 3 times the speed limit in their community, putting lives at risk.

One woman had her home crashed into so many times she put up boulders in her yard to keep safe.

Homeowners in the Old National East neighborhood say they repeatedly asked the City of South Fulton to install speed bumps or other traffic calming devices on the roads they are having problems with. They say the city hasn’t acted on their requests.

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The city says that’s because not enough people say they want it. Neighbors say they need something done before someone gets killed.

“They’re going 60, 70,” Quentin Bradford said about the speeders who ignore the 25-mile-per-hour speed limit on Scofield Road.

Bradford says drivers speed so fast down, that it’s a matter of life and death crossing it.

“I’ve walked over to a neighbor’s house and then crossed. They were coming so fast,(I) had to run across the street,” he said.

It was a couple of years ago when he says a speeder crashed into a car, flipping it over where it landed in his yard.

And it’s not just him.

“We need help. Bad,” homeowner Reginald Shelton said.

Shelton said speeders have crashed into one woman’s home yard 11 or 12 times. The last time was this past weekend when a motorcycle trike landed in her yard. That driver was transported to the hospital.

It is so bad the homeowner had to take measures to protect herself.

“She put the boulders up to buffer the cars coming to her house,” homeowner Paulette DeVaughn explained.

Neighbors think speed bumps would solve the problem.

“If we had speed bumps they wouldn’t want to wreck their cars. They would slow down,” Bradford pointed out.


The City of South Fulton sent a statement that said 90% of property owners on the affected road must agree to speed the bumps. The city said several petitions have been sent, but none reached the 90-percent threshold.

Neighbors think the city is focusing on petitions when it should be focusing on public safety. They say the city had discussed adding traffic control plates to the road.

“I am ready for the platelets to come out here by the end of next week,” DeVaughn said, expressing how urgent this issue is.

The city says it did add flashing lights to a stop sign on Scofield. Neighbors say speeders still don’t stop and they say the problem exists on Pleasant Hill and Orly Terrace.

The city says speed tables, those flat top speed humps, will be added as recommended by its traffic engineers.

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