Neighbors Infuriated By Overgrown, Hazardous Vacant Property In Morgan Park; Company That Took It Over Never Paid Fines

It's not just an eyesore but a hazard – the city is trying to crack down on a problem property in Morgan Park that has infuriated neighbors.

Video Transcript

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- It's not just an eyesore but a hazard. The city is trying to crack down on a problem property in Morgan Park that's infuriated neighbors. But Morning Insider Tim McNicholas learned the person the city is looking for is in Miami.

- They've thrown garbage and stuff all up in here.

- The trash, the overgrown weeds, the Claps Chimney. Renee Allen sums it all up with one word.

- It's ridiculous.

- Allen and her neighbors on this Morgan Park block say the mess is overflowing onto their yards and it's been vacant for years unless you count the rodents.

- I pay for city services and I expect to get some service.

- And it's as if no one really cares.

- I don't know why they don't you know, do something about it when you have people that are complaining.

- When we asked the city of Chicago. They said they've been trying to do something. The code violations have led to more than 7,000 in fines over the past few years for the Kuumba corporation, a company that took the property over in 2012. Just one problem, the Kuumba corporation hasn't paid a dime.

- And the only thing you're saving is the wheelbarrow.

- But Brenda O'Neal has paid dearly. She says when the chimney collapsed, it took out part of her fence. And that's not all.

- It's raccoons and possums living in here. So at night, it's dangerous for my animals and my grandchildren.

- Records show the Kuumba corporation dissolved in 2013. The city says they have debt collectors trying to find the owners.

- Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message.

- We joined the search too, but we haven't heard back.

- In the beginning, sometimes my neighbor and I would cut the grass. But then you know, we're getting older.

- Allen likes that neighbor a lot more than this one. Tim McNicholas CBS 2 News.

- So what's next? The city is pushing to get the house demolished. For more stories like this, download the CBS Chicago app and look for the section called Morning Insiders.