Neighbors In Northern Liberties Wrap Up Weekend-Long Sidewalk Sale Sunday

Howard Monroe reports.

Video Transcript

- Well, in Northern Liberties, the neighborhood wrapped up its long weekend of sidewalk sales. Our Howard Monroe reports it was as much about cleaning out your house as it was about finally getting to be with your neighbors again.

SUSAN GRAESER: I feel like we've all been purging during COVID, so it's just kind of like, this stuff I don't want anymore, but it's not like trash. So I don't to throw it out.

HOWARD MONROE: There's a notorious P.I.G/ up for sale on North Third Street. Susan Graeser, her family was hoping to sell her favorite tchotchke along with some other children's toys and farm fresh eggs. For Asia Ndiger and her dog Charlotte, they were hoping to get rid of unwanted area rugs and racks of clothes.

- At first I was like, this is a lot of work, but really it's all been worth. You love to see. It just moving, yeah, moving stuff out, so yeah it's a win-win all the way around.

HOWARD MONROE: And while this event is as much about people getting their hands on a nice piece of art or anything else they may want, it's is also about neighbors getting out of their homes.

SUSAN GRAESER: We haven't being able to do anything, so this is, like, our first time neighborhooding it up again, and it was really exciting.

HOWARD MONROE: This is one of the first large scale events in the neighborhood since the pandemic hit. About 125 home vendors took part in the two day event.

- Everyone coming by, talking, it's like being able to get some human interaction after so long in lock down, it's been awesome.

HOWARD MONROE: In Northern Liberties, Howard Monroe, "CBS 3".