Neighbors rescue family of 7 from SE Houston house fire

Neighbors broke out windows to get the seven out of the home that went up in flames overnight.

Video Transcript

- A family of seven who was rescued by neighbors after their house caught fire. The fire broke out around 1:00 this morning on Sage Down near Beamer. Neighbors say they saw smoke coming from the home and rushed to help, breaking down windows even to get everybody out.

Firefighters believe the fire started in the back patio. Then wind pushed it towards the house. A couple of family members were treated on scene for minor smoke inhalation. The Red Cross is now helping that family find a place to stay.

JOSHUA VOGEL: All right, Joshua Vogel, senior captain station 93.

- What did you have out here?

JOSHUA VOGEL: All right. We got a call just before 1 o'clock in the morning, reports of house fire with people trapped. There's reports that were about seven people inside. District chief said when he pulled up on scene first, he noticed that there was heavy smoke coming from the rear of the residence. He noticed it was a wind-driven fire.

First thing we did was we found out that all seven occupants had gotten out safely. The neighbors come by. They broke out the windows, allowed the occupants to get out. A couple of them had minor inhalation issues but they were resolved with the medic, a little oxygen to pressure them up.

Went out the back, we're able to knock out the fire, go inside, and stop the fire from spreading to the rest of the house. As of right now, everything's out. We are waiting on Red Cross to come and help the occupants find some place to stay tonight. And arsenal will be here shortly.

- And you know where it started? It looks like maybe outside.

JOSHUA VOGEL: Right. So it looks like we have a heavy wind coming in and from the back patio. Looks, as of right now, something back there maybe got knocked over or started in the back patio, swirled for a bit and started charring everything, then moved into the house. But one again, once arson gets here, does a more thorough investigation, they'll have a bit better answer about what happened.

- Any firefighters suffered any injuries?

JOSHUA VOGEL: No, sir. All firefighters made it in and out safely, and everything went very smoothly on our part. We we're able to get here within a few minutes. All the fire was knocked down, which means we extinguished all the fire, went inside, and stopped any extension going into the attic, pull out the ceiling, throw everything out. And it was a very successful, quick knock down, as we would like to say. So no one got hurt, fire got put out, and everyone's safe.