Neighbours star Stefan Dennis admits he was shocked by public outcry after soap was cancelled

Neighbours star Stefan Dennis says he was amazed by how upset people got after the Australian soap was cancelled earlier this year, saying it was “as if somebody had died”.

Despite having starred as character Paul Robinson for almost 40 years, the actor, 64, said he had “pretty much moved on” by the time the final episode had aired in July.

Fast forward to November and Neighbours has been miraculously saved by Amazon Freevee with new episodes due to begin filming next year.

Appearing on ITV’s Loose Women on Tuesday, Dennis explained: “I’d pretty much moved on, like most of us had I guess. People had treated it as if somebody had died.”

So far only four cast members including himself have been confirmed to return along with Alan Fletcher, (Dr Karl Kennedy), Ryan Moloney, (Toadfish) and Jackie Woodburne, (Susan Kennedy).

They announced the soap worthy plot twist in a video shared to social media, however it’s unclear at this time whether any other actors will be reprising their roles with many only finding out the same time as the rest of the world about the reboot.

Dennis said: “It’s really weird because we actually knew about it - we, the big four - we knew a week before everybody else, because Jason our EP [executive producer Jason Herbison] caaround to tell us personally. Each of us individually.

“It didn’t break until a week after that,” he added.

It is believed he was referring to himself and his castmates Fletcher, Mahoney and Woodburne as “the big four” as they are the soap’s longest-serving actors.