Neptune anti-ship missile struck Russian S-400 radar in Crimea — report

Launch of the Ukrainian cruise missile Neptune

A Ukrainian-made Neptune anti-ship missile was used to destroy a radar module of Russia’s S-400 air defense system in occupied Crimea on Aug. 23, Ukrainian journalist Yurii Butusov said in a Facebook post on Aug. 24.

According to Butusov, the Neptune cruise missile destroyed a 48YA6-K1 radar and S-400 Triumph launcher. The journalist explained that this radar is the "eyes" of the entire system, monitoring airspace for low-altitude targets and ballistic missiles, and is also a key component of Russia’s air and missile defense system in the region.

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Butusov writes that the Ukrainian Navy received accurate information about the location of this complex near the village of Olenivka in Crimea. As the radar was observing targets in the western part of the Black Sea and in Kherson Oblast from a distance of about 110 kilometers from the frontline, the Navy decided to use a Neptune missile.

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The flight routes and characteristics were programmed in such a way as to circumvent Russian surveillance systems, with the missile flying at an extremely low altitude. Having bypassed a large number of the occupiers' air defense systems in Kherson Oblast and in Crimea, Neptune remained undetected until it destroyed part of the S-400 Triumph system.

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“The strike results were recorded by a drone operated by Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence,” Butusov writes.

“Curiously, the drone flew deep into the Russians' rear and also recorded damage done to the radar, which is designed to detect aerial targets, but was unable to detect or provide guidance on either the drone or the cruise missile.”

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