As netbooks crash and burn, Amazon’s best-selling laptop is a Chromebook

Samsung Chromebook Sales Amazon
Samsung Chromebook Sales Amazon

Netbooks may be on the way out as companies like Acer and Asus cease production, but it is becoming increasingly clear that there is still a market for low-cost laptops in a world where tablets are taking over. Microsoft’s (MSFT) new Windows 8 operating system has been eating up most of the news cycle when it comes to notebook computers, but Google’s (GOOG) Chrome OS shouldn’t be counted out just yet. Online retail giant Amazon (AMZN) currently lists a Google-powered Chromebook built by Samsung (005930) as the best-selling laptop on its website. To make things even more interesting, Amazon’s own stock of the $250 Chromebook is sold out but it remains a top-seller even though it is now being sold at a 30% premium by other vendors through the Amazon website.

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