Netflix: 15 most-streamed TV shows of all time as Stranger Things 4 crosses billion views

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Stranger Things has become the second show to earn an impressive Netflix feat.

Thanks to volume two, which concluded season four earlier this month, the hit series jumped three places in the streaming service’s global most-watched charts.

This means Stranger Things season four surpassed Bridgerton’s latest season, which previously sat as the most-watched English-language show on Netflix. In fact, the latest run of Stranger Things became the second season of TV to be watched for more than a billion hours in total.

Netflix measures its views by analysing the total number of hours subscribers have spent watching a specific title – and, in recent years, the streaming service has been more forthcoming about revealing these stats.

With Stranger Things’ success, you might be wondering what other shows make up the top 15.

Below is a list of the 15 most viewed Netflix TV series of all time. NB: the number of hours listed alongside them is their total number of hours overall – not just for their first 28 days of release.

1. Squid Game – 1.65 billion hours

2. Stranger Things season four – 1.27 billion hours

3. Money Heist part five – 792.2 million hours

4. Bridgerton season two – 656.2 million hours

5. Bridgerton season one – 625.5 million hours

‘Squid Game’ remains the most-watched Netflix show by quite a way (Netflix)
‘Squid Game’ remains the most-watched Netflix show by quite a way (Netflix)

6. Money Heist part four – 619 million hours

7. Stranger Things season three – 582.1 million hours

8. Lucifer season five – 569.5 million hours

9. All of Us Are Dead – 560.8 million hours

10. The Witcher season one – 541 million hours

Jonathan Bailey in Netflix hit ‘Bridgerton’ (Netflix)
Jonathan Bailey in Netflix hit ‘Bridgerton’ (Netflix)

11. Inventing Anna – 511.9 million hours

12. 13 Reasons Why season two – 496.1 million hours

13. Ozark season four – 491.1 million hours

14. The Witcher season two – 484.3 million hours

15. 13 Reasons Why season one – 475.6 million hours

Other shows that sit just outside the top 15 include limited series Maid, both seasons of You and Sex Education’s third outing.