Netflix drops Sky High series trailer (no, not that Sky High)

Álvaro Rico and Asia Ortega in Sky High
Álvaro Rico and Asia Ortega in Sky High

We are truly saddened to be the bearers of bad news, but the iconic 2005 Disney Channel Original Movie Sky High is not actually coming back as a Netflix series, despite what this headline (and our wildest hopes and dreams) might suggest. We’re assuming this is largely because Nicholas Braun (who was very much in the original movie and very, very blonde) is a little busy with Succession right now, but fingers crossed he can work on something else as soon as season 4 premieres.

In the meantime, you can split your nostalgia for Sky High’s awkward, hormonal superheroes between the upcoming The Boys spinoff Gen V (sure to be just slightly less G-rated than its Disney counterpart) and the new Netflix series that shares its name.

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Netflix’s Sky High is a gritty, tense crime drama about a group of thieves in Madrid. They may not be able to fly or turn invisible, but they certainly seem to be at the very top of their own field.

Sky High: The Series | Date announcement | Netflix

While the heart-pumping trailer doesn’t reveal much of the show’s actual plot, Netflix’s official summary reads:

A phone call in the middle of the night will change Sole’s destiny: Ángel, her husband and leader of a gang of gangsters has died; turned overnight into a young widow with a son to take care of and many troubled businesses to run, Sole is not willing to return to the tutelage of her father Rogelio, one of the biggest dealers of stolen objects in Madrid. Determined to make a living for herself, Sole will find new allies along the way who will help her to unravel the mystery of the deaths that have marked her destiny, while she makes contact with the gang of thieves and manages to win their trust so that she can once again carry out robberies as ambitious as those of the old days. But neither the police nor the different mafias she’ll have to compete with will be willing to make her way to heaven easy.

Destiny, father-daughter relationships, and rival cliques? This thing is basically a DCOM anyway!

Sky High premieres March 17 on Netflix.

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