Netflix is ready to defend all of its 'unnecessary gay characters'

Recently, one Twitter user had to learn

the hard way that Netflix is willing to

defend any and all of its characters.

“Every damn new series,” Twitter user

AdamSB__ captioned a meme...

of Netflix shoving “an unnecessary

gay character” into “any new series”.

Well, Netflix saw the meme,

and they weren’t a fan.

“Sorry you have yet to realize that every

gay person is very necessary,” the

streaming giant responded.

Many people rushed to the comments

to come to Netflix’s defense.


STRAIGHTS ARE UPSET!!!” one person joked.

“i. hope the peeps who rt’d & liked this

are enjoying the 99% of content that

remains sinfully boring & straight-.

it’s for u!” Broadway

actor Ben Platt wrote.

Some people, however, sided

with the creator of the meme.

“Or, and work with me on this Netflix,

maybe there’s more to a gay person

than just being gay,” one person said