Netflix reveals what people watched most in the first half of 2023

After years of being tightlipped about ratings and views, Netflix is changing things up.

The streaming service announced on Dec. 12 that they will be releasing their "What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report" two times a year. They also revealed what people have been watching for 2023.

This comes after they launched their weekly Top 10 and Most Popular lists in 2021.

What is 'What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report'?

According to Netflix, "What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement" will be a comprehensive report of what people have watched on the streaming service over a six month period (from January to June, and July to December).

It will also include hours viewed for every show or movie — original and licensed — that is watched for over 50,000 hours and rounded up to 100,000 hours viewed, as well as if the title was available globally.

"In total, this report covers more than 18,000 titles — representing 99% of all viewing on Netflix — and nearly 100 billion hours viewed," the press release states.

What did people watch from January to June of 2023?

People really had a variety of likes when it came to their options.

Here's the top ten of what people watched:

  1. "The Night Agent" Season One

  2. "Ginny & Georgia" Season Two

  3. "The Glory" Season One

  4. "Wednesday" Season One

  5. "Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story"

  6. "You" Season Four

  7. "La Reina del Sur" Season Three

  8. "Outer Banks" Season Three

  9. "Ginny & Georgia Season One

  10. "Fubar" Season One.

See the full list, and the hours viewed, here.

Other notable information about the engagement report

Netflix also reports that non-English stories generated 30% of all viewing. The streaming giant also says older titles continue to have legs and generate many views over the years, and that the "demand for older, licensed titles, (continues to grow) which generates tremendous value for our members and for rights holders."

The company notes that when reading the reading it's important to remember that "success on Netflix comes in all shapes and sizes, and is not determined by hours viewed alone. We have enormously successful movies and TV shows with both lower and higher hours viewed. It’s all about whether a movie or TV show thrilled its audience — and the size of that audience relative to the economics of the title."

They also suggest that it's best to use their weekly Top 10 and Most Popular lists to compare between titles.

“We believe the viewing information in this report — combined with our weekly Top 10 and Most Popular lists — will give creators and our industry deeper insights into our audiences, and what resonates with them,” Netflix said.

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