Netherlands grants Russian TV channel Dozhd broadcasting license

The Netherlands granted the Russian independent TV station Dozhd (Rain) a license to broadcast in the country less than a month after Dozhd's licenses were revoked in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Latvia's broadcasting regulator canceled Dozhd's license on Dec. 6, citing threats to national security and public order after the TV station displayed a map of Russia that included occupied Crimea and called Russian troops in Ukraine "our army." Lithuania and Estonia revoked Dozhd's licenses the following day.

The independent TV station had been forced to move its broadcasting abroad following Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Dozhd received a five-year broadcasting license from the Commissariat for Mass Media of the Netherlands, European Pravda reported, citing a decision published by the Dutch regulator.

The license allows Dozhd to continue broadcasting in the European Union.