Neuroscience Calisthenics: Upgrading Physical and Mental Performance, Breakthrough Concept by Jean Fallacara

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There are plenty of good reasons to be physically and mentally active to think quickly and stay on their toes. And to have a significant breakthrough in any field, much less the fitness industry is no less than a stroke of genius. Jean Fallacara is the Founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar Canadian company Z-SC1 corp is known for developing laboratory equipment. Having had over two decades of experience as a scientist, developer, and fitness enthusiast, Fallacara decided to take a step forward and aim at revolutionizing the fitness industry with the introduction of a brand new concept - Neuroscience Calisthenics.

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What is Neuroscience Calisthenics?

Fallacara pointed out the fact that when we are working so hard to train our body, shouldn’t we work in a similar manner to train our brain simultaneously, in order to induce a deeper, healthier, and sustainable impact on the human body. And to address this, he came up with Neuroscience Calisthenics after a thorough validated scientific study, gathering statistics, pursuing methodical approaches, doing self-experiments, and implementing data science. It is an improvised human optimization program comprising calisthenics training and neuroscience, aiming to not only work on the physical aspects but also improve learning and facilitate the use of human emotional systems significantly improving your workout’s effectiveness.

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How is it unique?

Where there might be questions concerning how the mind plays a role in the physical workout schedule, it is a proven fact that every decision we make, consciously or subconsciously, shifts our biology towards cell aging. Physical aspects and mental aspects both play an integral role in how a person’s body achieves its potential. In fact, our power and ability to do something begins and ends in our mind, and achieving our maximum potential is related to our subconscious mind. To maximize and unleash the inner cyborg while working, Fallacara states that it can be achieved by tapping into the neurological power, making the right modifications to our lifestyle, and implementing all that in our workout plan will result in the birth of a better version of ourselves.

Fallacara, as a fitness enthusiast has always been inclined towards contributing his part in the $96 Billion industry, and with the introduction of Neuroscience Calisthenics a concept covering Neuroplasticity, Biohacking, Growth Mindset, Quality of life, he has not only contributed his part, but also brought a highly effective revolution. It is designed so as to push human performance forward, optimize bodies and brains, achieve peak performance ultimately upgrading physical and mental performance three folds.

Times are changing, and technology is creating significant shifts within industries. Consumers now have many more options on how they accomplish wellness and fitness. Considering the adoption of Jean Fallacara’s concept of Neuroscience Calisthenics can turn out to be just the thing you were looking for.

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