Nevada AG: our state has 'fair, free' elections

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, a Democrat, called threats of lawsuits from Republicans over alleged voting improprieties "a Hail Mary." Ford said there has been no evidence of any election fraud in the state. (Nov. 5)

Video Transcript

AARON FORD: Unfortunately, what we've seen here is when they can't stop you from voting, they try to stop your vote from counting. And one of the initial lawsuits was to turn back the wisdom of the legislature in passing out to all active registered voters mail ballots. They sued. We prevailed.

They are threatening another lawsuit. I view that as many people-- many people have called these types of lawsuits a "Hail Mary." It's another opportunity to undermine the confidence in this election, but I won't partake in that. At end of the day, our state has demonstrated that it knows how to have fair, free, and secure elections, and that's what we're seeing happening right now.

I want to be clear about something. Politicians will not decide the result of this election. Neither current politicians, nor former politicians. There's only one result to an election, and that comes after every lawful vote has been counted. And I'm determined to ensure under our laws and under the Constitution that, that absolutely happens here in Nevada.