Nevada says vote count won't be complete for days

As the nation awaits results from Nevada, Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria says it could take until Saturday or Sunday before the state’s largest county finishes tallying mail-in ballots and until Nov. 12th before the counting is complete. (Nov. 5)

Video Transcript

JOE GLORIA: The last day that we can tabulate and send ballots into the system is November 12. So that night, we will stay here until we are done entering ballots into the system. Because statute clearly tells us that we must be done counting by that date. We are anticipating to have the bulk of our mail ballots that have been received into the system by Saturday or Sunday. Those ballots that are coming in through the US mail or that are being cured will be a small number, and we will continue to put those in. But the bulk of our ballots, we're hoping, will be read by Saturday or Sunday, this weekend. And again, we won't complete until November 12, with all of those other ballots that serve as exceptions.

We made a decision here to provide as much access as we possibly could, as a result of the pandemic. And so our process has run a little bit slower. Our goal here in Clark County is not to count fast. We want to make sure that we're being accurate. The results in the state of Nevada, obviously, are going to be very important to the entire country. And that is our number one goal.