Nevada voters cope with ballot issues amid count

Some Las Vegas area voters were at an election facility on Friday to address issues with ballots that had been designated as provisional. Joe Biden's lead has widened over President Donald Trump in Nevada as more election results were released. (Nov. 6)

Video Transcript

ALISSA CONTE: I got a call the other day, saying I needed to check BallotTrax, and my vote was listed as provisional. And then I got another call yesterday morning, telling me that I needed to come down here by 5:00 PM today, in order for my vote to count. It's just kind of frustrating. Luckily, I am off today, because I'm transitioning between careers. But I just feel bad for all of those that went and spent the time to vote, or even early vote, like I did. And now they either don't have the time, the means of transportation to get down here, or have the day off work. So their vote is not going to count, and that's very upsetting.

SUSAN FRANKLIN: Well, I voted in person, because I know I'm a registered voter and I never received a mail-in. And so I said, well, I'm going down in person, then. So that's-- just moved. So my license, I guess, didn't match the address I gave them. So she said, go down and check to make sure your vote was counted.

MICHELLE JOHNSON: I actually had changed my registration a while ago. And when I went to vote, it was incorrect. So I was asked-- I asked if I could change it at the time and was told yes. And then when I went to check on my vote, it's a provisional ballot. So in my case, I guess that's considered an error if you change your party.

So for some reason, we're always behind. And I'm disappointed. I thought we would be more on the cutting edge, because of all the other technology that goes on in our city. So I'm pretty disappointed and embarrassed. But I'm still proud be a Nevadan.