Nevada voters have mixed emotions about Elizabeth Warren's New Hampshire primary finish

Tim O'Donnell

Was a fourth-place finish last week in the New Hampshire primary for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) an outlier, or does it spell doom for her campaign in the eyes of voters in Nevada, where she'll be put to the test next?

Some of her supporters in the Silver State think she'll be fine, The New York Times reports. "New Hampshire doesn't matter," said Pat Campbell-Cozzi, 76. "I know where she'll be after the final vote."

Heather McGhee, the former president of progressive think tank Demos, thinks there's something to that line of thinking, though she was much less confident than Campbell-Cozzi. McGhee said the Democratic race is very "fluid" right now, exemplified by New Hampshire, where 48 percent of voters made their final decision in the last two days before the primary. In that sense, Nevada remains up for grabs, but McGhee said Warren's grassroots supporters will have to show up and make it happen themselves.

Undecided voters are — naturally — a little more skeptical about caucusing for Warren in Nevada than her die-hards are after she struggled in New Hampshire, which borders her home state of Massachusetts. "It was concerning — do they know something I don't?" said Kristin Ritenhouse, 49. "Because my neighbors like me." Read more at The New York Times.

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