Never Lose Anything In Between Your Car Seats Again With This Under-$30 ‘Lifesaver’ With Over 53,000 Reviews

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If you drive a car (or have ever been in the passenger seat), chances are that you have lost something in the abyss. You know what we’re talking about: the space between the seat and the center console, where everything seems to get lost in. It’s an international phenomenon, and it’s annoying. We have to use a bunch of phone flashlights, wiggle our hand in to get it, and sometimes just give up for another day. However, Shark Tank has yet again come through with another handy dandy product that cuts so much stress out of our lives.

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For a limited time, you can get the beloved Shark Tank product that eliminates losing stuff in the car seats for only $25.

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Drop Stop - Credit: Drop Stop.
Drop Stop - Credit: Drop Stop.

Drop Stop.

Drop Stop

Price: $24.99

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The Drop Stop is a Shark Tank product that over 50,000 Amazon shoppers alone adore. It’s a patented seat gap filler for your car, making it nearly impossible for your phone, coins, fries, and anything in between to get lost in the abyss that is in the middle of your seat.

The must-have set comes with two seat gap fillers, a bonus slide pad, and a credit card light. Not only is this an innovative invention, but it also claims to help save your life. It’s reported that 80 percent of “all accidents occur when you take your eyes off the road for 3 seconds or less!” This means that if you’re looking for something in between your seat, it could be bad. This seat filler could eliminate that problem entirely.

As we said, there are over 53,000 reviews on Amazon with 4.6 stars, and people can’t stop singing its praises. One Amazon shopper said it’s a “lifesaver,” saying, “I absolutely love this Product! “Bye bye,” lost French fries, AirPods, and iPhone, lol. I was tired of going fishing. Everything would get trapped. The space between my seat and console is extremely tight. I use to drop things in between there, and I would cut my fingers on all the sharp springs or bolts trying to receive them. The struggle was real! I am so thankful for this product…”

Another shopper added, “Love this product. Left my existing pair in my vehicle that I sold and didn’t realize how often I dropped stuff between the seats. This is definitely a lifesaver!”

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