New ‘Baldness Cure’ Makes Men Regrow Hair In Human Trial

A new solution which men rub into their heads is ‘showing promise’ as a treatment for male pattern baldness - with volunteers regrowing hair after using the drug.

The drug has been trialled on 300 volunteers, who were closely monitored as they used different concentrations.

The drug - codenamed SMO4554 - is made by San Diego biotech start-up Samumed, and will go into larger human trials shortly.

Samumed says, ‘SM04554 appeared to be safe and well-tolerated. Over the 135-day study, both groups showed an increase in hair count and hair density, objectively measured by macrophotography.’

The results are ‘preliminary’, Forbes reports - but 300 men who took it reported growing new hairs in a one-square-centimetre patch of their head.

The drug seems strongly dependent on dose, Samumed reported - and says that in its animal trials, there seemed to be ‘Goldilocks’ zone where the effects worked best.