Newark fire leaves boy dead, 5 hurt

A young boy did not make it out. His body was located on the third floor by firefighters.

Video Transcript

- We are following breaking news in Newark where a fire has claimed the life of a child. Several more adults and children were also injured.

- John Del Giorno live up above the scene in news copter seven, John.

JOHN DEL GIORNO: And we're just learning that information now this fire has turned tragic. This was a fast moving blaze that broke out around 4:45 this morning on Astor Street. We can show you tape of what it looked like earlier this morning, just before 5:00 AM as flames were shooting out all three floors of this private house. This looks to be a multiple family dwelling. We know that seven people were injured in this fire. The firefighters raced to get seven people out of the blaze, four adults and three children.

But we're now learning that a boy sustained fatal injuries in this fire. That boy about eight years old was located on the third floor of this building. Investigators just now beginning the process of looking into the cause of this fire. With these live pictures, you can see the Essex County Prosecutor's Office just now responding to the scene.