Newark Police Rescue Woman From House Fire

Two Newark police officers rushed into a burning home and saved a 76-year-old woman. CBS's Kevin Rincon has more on the heroic rescue.

Video Transcript

CHRIS WRAGGE: Well, we're getting a better look now at the brave actions of two Newark police officers who rushed into a burning home to save a woman. CBS 2's, Kevin Rincon, has exclusive new body cam video of the heroic rescue.

KEVIN RINCON: This house fire was devastating, and all Newark firefighters responded to three different buildings here along North 6th Street, but it wasn't just their heroics that helped save lives.

- We need everybody to evacuate. We have a house on fire.

KEVIN RINCON: In this exclusive video, you can see the flames shooting out from the home as officers, Alicia Lauderdale and Roberto Vera, got to the scene.


KEVIN RINCON: They rushed to get neighbors out, banging on doors.


KEVIN RINCON: They found the 76-year-old woman struggling to walk. That's when officer Rivera carried her down.

ROBERTO VERA: Grab my shoulders.

KEVIN RINCON: Both of the officers were treated for smoke inhalation and they've yet to return to work. Newark Police Deputy Chief, Arthur Jorge, had nothing but praise for the two of them.

ARTHUR JORGE: These officers treated this resident and risked their lives like they were rescuing one of their own, their family members.

KEVIN RINCON: He says the officers have been on the force for all of two years, called them rookies who went above and beyond.

ARTHUR JORGE: We're not trained in the Newark police to go into fires. We're actually taught to run away from fires, but these officers are heroic.

KEVIN RINCON: Luckily, no one was killed in this fire, but police say, one person was hurt jumping from the window to safety, and all 17 people were displaced. Claudia Duran and her two kids, they're now staying with neighbors across the street. When she realized what was going on, she grabbed her seven-year-old twins and ran outside.


KEVIN RINCON: She was on the first floor. Felipe Reyes was right above her.


KEVIN RINCON: He says he woke up to the sounds of sirens.

- It was really bad.

KEVIN RINCON: Felipe's public adjuster says, the fire moved so fast he didn't have time to do anything.

- He grabbed his pants, came out with no shoes and nothing, came running out.

KEVIN RINCON: Felipe, who's lived here for 15 years, is now staying with family at a hotel while working to find a new home. He says despite the tragedy, he's happy to be alive. In Newark, Kevin Rincon, CBS2 News.

CHRIS WRAGGE: Nice to have first responders that run in so we can run out.