Newberry, Prosperity partner for Juneteenth

Jan. 16—NEWBERRY COUNTY — During their December meeting, the Town of Prosperity voted unanimously to partner with the City of Newberry Parks, Recreation and Tourism for the annual Juneteenth Festival.

"I am excited for the Town of Prosperity to participate and join the City of Newberry in celebrating the 2023 Juneteenth Festival as one community, one county, one location and one celebration," said Mayor Derek Underwood, of Prosperity. "The Town of Prosperity and the City of Newberry are natural and geographical partners and this is yet another opportunity for us to work in unison for our citizens."

The festival will take place on June 17, 2023, in downtown Newberry.

"It is with great pride that we saw the need to combine our Juneteenth celebrations with the town of Prosperity. The friendships and family members that so many share between the two locations is going to bring everyone together for one big celebration. This is a great way to start the new year and allow the citizens to know that we strive hard to work together and that we listen to our constituents. Combining Newberry and Prosperity together for Juneteenth is giving all of us a bigger opportunity to grow, learn and work together, and most of all, to stand united as one. I firmly believe that team work makes the dream work and you can accomplish so much more. I will be reaching out soon to have a gathering with both Newberry and Prosperity to start making the necessary plans for the merger," said City of Newberry Councilperson Jackie Holmes.

Anyone interested in serving on this committee can contact the City of Newberry at 803-321-1000 for dates and times.

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