Newborn found dead in porta-potty, Harris Co. sheriff says

Investigators say service workers were emptying out the porta-potty when they found a full-term baby with the umbilical cord still attached.

Video Transcript

- We have learned from the Harris County Sheriff's Department that this was most likely a baby boy found in the area behind me. Deputy investigators have been here for the past several hours. They were actually alerted to come here by the porta potty cleaning crew.

Now, we are in Magnolia Gardens. This is a very popular recreational area right along the river. All weekend, so Memorial weekend, the crews came and cleaned the porta potties, Monday morning, around 9:30. Then they returned today. So investigators are working on the time frame of Monday, midday, until today.

At which point, they believe somebody gave birth to a baby boy and left him in the toilet. They believe it happened sometime Monday afternoon. They're asking for anyone with information to please come forward.

- Somebody delivered a young baby in the porta toilet and abandoned the baby there. We don't know if the baby was born stillborn or alive. But it is deceased at this time, so we're looking for information of anybody that might have came to Magnolia Gardens here, on Monday, with some family. And we're wanting the family to do the right thing.

- Yeah, in fact, investigators say they do not know if a criminal act occurred. Because they don't know yet if the baby was born alive or stillborn. So there's still a lot of details and investigations to move forward. They are just urging anyone with information to give the Harris County Sheriff's Department a call. We're live in Magnolia Gardens. Maya Shea, ABC 13, Eyewitness News.