Newly-opened Japanese host club apologizes for Nazi-themed bar, costumes

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A newly opened Japanese host club that promotes Nazi-themed costumes has apologized for its lack of awareness on the issue.

Backlash: Unfair Club, which opened on Sunday in Osaka, drew outrage online after its promotional pictures, showing its hosts – or male entertainers – donning Nazi-themed uniforms, swastika armbands and with swastika-plastered champagne bottles, according to Vice.

  • Miki Dezaki, the producer and director of “Shusenjo: The Main Battleground of the Comfort Women Issue,” also shared a picture of one of the hosts in a booth at the club.

  • In addition to the Nazi-themed costumes, Reddit user u/Burrex1 shared a picture of a truck promoting Unfair Club’s swastika logo, Kotaku reported.

  • Volunteer-led charity Campaign Against Antisemitism called the club “disgusting” in a tweet after the promotional pictures started surfacing on social media.

  • Japanese women are supposed to be attracted to men dressed up as SS Nazi murderers? Vile desecration of the memory of 6 million Jews, Anne Frank, victims of Nazi Holocaust,” the Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote in a tweet. “Where is Japanese outrage?”

The aftermath: Following the backlash, Unfair Club’s parent company, Host X Host, released a statement that apologized for its “lack of knowledge and awareness.” Host X Host also shut down the establishment following the outrage.

  • We caused discomfort for a lot of people. We will take your comments seriously and will work to make sure this sort of thing never happens again,” the company said.

  • A website seemingly connected to the club has been taken down, while its Twitter account has been set to private.

Featured Image via @takigare3 (left), @MikiDezaki (right)

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