Newly Reported Cases Of COVID In US Fell This Weekend

CBS4's Chris Martinez reports on the overall downward trend as more people get vaccinated.

Video Transcript

- We turn now to the latest on the coronavirus pandemic and the race to vaccinate. Newly reported COVID-19 infections in the US fell this weekend, extending their overall downward trend. But Washington state and Oregon are still battling new spikes in case numbers, and vaccination rates have significantly dropped statewide. Excuse me, nationwide. CBS 4's Chris Martinez reports from Los Angeles.

JOE BIDEN: Go get vaccinated, America.

- Presidents Biden said it loud and clear in his address to Congress, Wednesday night, but millions of Americans are still not getting vaccinated. The country has seen vaccine supply go from famine to feast in just a matter of weeks, but vaccine hesitancy and false information about their safety are slowing the effort. Still, some 145 million Americans have received, at least, one dose, while 100 million are fully vaccinated.

SCOTT GOTTLIEB: This has been a monumental achievement, rolling out this vaccine, getting that many Americans vaccinated, and it's going to continue. We'll continue to chip away at it.

- Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb says, San Francisco's success story will be repeated in other cities.

- They've dramatically reduced COVID in that city, and it's largely a result of vaccination.

- Another result is a step by step return to life as it once was.

- Welcome back, everyone. Welcome home.

- After more than 400 days, Disneyland fans rejoiced as the amusement park opened its gates at 25% capacity.

JOSE GUTIERREZ: I love just being here, the atmosphere, the crowd.

- And Delta Airlines became the last major carrier to resume selling middle seats.

ANNE RIMOIN: I think that it is getting safer and safer to fly. The thing that we all have to remember is that there's no zero risk scenario.

- But Delta CEO Ed Bastian cautions, this is not a return to normal, saying, "We are still operating in a pandemic. Changes, such as cleanliness protocols, will be permanent." Chris Martinez, CBS News, Los Angeles.

- Now. If the state approves, New York City plans to let businesses, including restaurants and movie theaters, operate at full capacity by July 1.