Newlywed Couple With 61-Year Age Gap Looking To Expand Their Family Using IVF Treatments

Most newlywed couples are eager to start a family after they exchange vows, and Charles and Miracle Pogue are no different…despite a 61-year age difference.

Miracle, 24, and her 85-year-old husband, Charles, were married in July 2022 and want to add to their family.

The Daily Mail reports the Pogues met in 2019 at a launderette where Miracle worked, and the two hit it off and began dating.

Miracle shared memories of how her husband swept her off her feet. “Charles used to bring in one item of clothing and only wanted me to serve him. One day he waltzed in there, threw a piece of paper down, and said, ‘write down your number’ like he’s a player. He was my knight in shining armour.”

One year later, Charles proposed to his love in February 2020.

Miracle claims she knew an age gap existed but didn’t know how wide it was.

“I knew he was older but I didn’t know his age exactly,” she said.

“We had a good vibe going, he didn’t make me feel weird. It was good conversation, he made me feel comfortable.”

She added that their age difference wasn’t a factor as they continued to date.

“When I found out I was in too deep, it was a couple of months in and I already had feelings for him. He was my baby and he wasn’t going anywhere.”

Miracle said, “I found out in conversation when we asked each other our date of birth and he said he was born in 1937. I never even placed his age, we just wanted to see how it went.”

The bride attributes her retired real estate agent husband’s youthful looks to his active lifestyle. “He’s always up and active,” she added.

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Miracle shares their life as a married couple on her TikTok, @MNigera98.


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The native of Starkville, Mississippi, shared that she got mixed reviews from her family about her relationship with Charles.

“My grandad said if I was happy and it’s what I want to do then he’s happy.”

Unfortunately, Miracle’s father wasn’t on board with her daughter’s relationship with Charles.

Miracle told the Daily Mail, “My dad was like, “hell no ma’am, not at all.”

“It took a lot of time to convince him, but I asked him if he wanted to lose his daughter forever,” she said.

After pleading with her dad for his support and fearing losing their relationship, Mrs. Pogue said her father, Kareem, finally came around after meeting his future son-in-law.

“Once he got to meet Charles and talk to him, he loved him.”



The couple’s wedding was full of family and friends, including Miracle’s mom, Tamika, and her dad, who walked her down the aisle.

As expected, comments on her multiple TikTok videos reference the 24-year-old being a “gold-digger” or “using” Charles for his money because of their vast age difference.

But Miracle says that’s not the case.

“Of course, people mention finances but I’m a nurse. I was starting medical school when I met him. I will be well off with or without Charles, it’s a choice to be with him and it makes me feel good that he chooses me,” she told the Daily Mail.

As they settle into married life, the couple is planning for a family.

Neither has kids and is excited to create a future generation of Pogues, hopefully with two children.

They are considering IVF as their method to get pregnant.

“I want him to have another generation. We’re looking to go to an IVF clinic to talk about our options. We went to an IVF clinic before but we really felt the pre-judgment even though they don’t know me and it was quite overwhelming.”

Although she is optimistic, Miracle is also realistic.

“Now I’m forgetting it as long as they give me my baby. Maybe Charles’s age will stop us from having children but I have an open mind, it may not work.”