Newlywed couple say they had to cancel their honeymoon after travel chaos caused airport delays and missed flights

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  • A newlywed couple claims they canceled their honeymoon because of travel disruptions, per The Mirror.

  • After airport delays lead to expensive rebookings, the couple said they decided to cancel the trip.

  • The couple said they had received compensation, but not for the full amount.

A newlywed couple claims they were forced to cancel their honeymoon after delays and missed flights ruined their plans.

The Mirror reported the news.

Soumaya Elliott and her husband Justin, who wed last month, told The Mirror they had planned a four-week trip to Asia to celebrate their marriage.

But after airport delays lead to an expensive rebooking, the couple said they decided to cancel the trip.

The newlyweds said they missed their connecting flight from Vienna to Bangkok by two minutes after being delayed by more than three hours at passport control and security in the Austrian airport.

After being told by that they were not eligible for a refund, the couple rebooked a flight the next day and spent the night on the airport floor.

The couple said that when they booked the new flights they were assured by the agency they would not need new visas for the following day. However, when they attempted to check in, they said they were told otherwise.

According to Elliot, they were denied check-in for the new flight, resulting in her "having a panic attack on the floor and "being sick."

They say the travel agency still refused to offer them a refund so they decided to return to the UK. On the trip back, the couple said their luggage, containing Elliot's wedding dress, was lost when traveling from Vienna to Frankfurt.

"It was really really horrendous. It was horrible. It was the worst experience of my life, I think," Elliot said. did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment or confirmation of the incident, which was made outside of normal working hours. Elliot could not be reached for comment.

The newlyweds and say the couple has now been compensated £1,235 for the extra flights they purchased. They have also been granted around £1,000 worth of vouchers.

A spokesperson from Kiwi told The Mirror: "We can't imagine the distress Mr. and Ms. Elliott went through. Once the couple missed the flight in Vienna, they contacted our Customer Support department and were advised of the Transfer Protection conditions."

They said: "The customers decided to select and buy a flight without the consultation and unfortunately missed the visa requirements information alerting them of specific conditions to be met at their transit airport.

"Given the unpleasant hassle Mr. and Ms. Elliott had to experience, we went an extra step and processed the full refund for this booking, as well as refreshments that the couple had to purchase – in total £1,319.83."

This is not the first time newlyweds have been caught up in travel disruptions plaguing the aviation and travel industry.

Insider reported that last month a newlywed passenger lost $10,000 worth of luggage on a flight to her honeymoon destination. The bag included the bride, Latrice Rubenstein's, wedding dress.

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