'News of the World' exclusive: Capt. Kidd's stories

Capt. Kidd stirs the Erath crowd with his stories.

Video Transcript

CAPTAIN KIDD: I'm here to tell you about the 11 men who lived. Who survived that fire. The 11 men will fight back against their deadly fate!

- Yes, yes.

MR. FARLEY: Thought I told you to read from the Erath.

CAPTAIN KIDD: Well, see, Mr. Farley, I was wondering if folks might prefer such storytelling from places outside of Erath. Just for tonight, Mr. Farley.

MR. FARLEY: I think you ought to read from the Erath all the same, Captain. Sort of thing these people expect to hear.

CAPTAIN KIDD: How about we vote on it.

MR. FARLEY: How about we go?

CAPTAIN KIDD: Now, I can read from Mr. Farley's Erath Journal, and keep on with the story of the men of Keel Rock.