The 10 Bookkeepers and Accountants to Watch in 2021

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The 10 Bookkeepers & Accountants to Watch
The 10 Bookkeepers & Accountants to Watch
The 10 Bookkeepers & Accountants to Watch

New York, New York, March 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As a business owner, we can often find ourselves wearing a lot of hats in the business - often, trying to do it all. Perhaps the most difficult, confusing and annoying role we can play in our own businesses, is being our own accountant or bookkeeper. It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to be proficient in this area, and to put it simply, most of us don’t have the acumen to do so. According to Boost Media Agency, if you want to save time, money and energy from wasting countless hours on your books, you need the help of a professional. Each with their own unique expertise, here we present the 10 bookkeepers and accountants to watch in 2021.

Diana Todd (@balancetax)

Diana Todd is the business accountant who cures tax anxiety and ensures her clients feel seen, heard, understood, and in control of their business money.

Founder of Balance Tax Accountants, an award-winning online accounting firm, Diana is a highly qualified accountant who is shaking up the traditional tax firm industry. In just 5 years, she has helped over 1,500 female solopreneurs embody the mindset and money skills required to take their businesses to 6 figures and beyond, leading her firm to be awarded the Institute of Public Accountants 2020 WA Practice of the Year.

Diana’s Higher Money method guides entrepreneurs to overcome money blocks and build the wealthy business of their dreams. Diana is well known for her no-nonsense approach to business and is driven to share her professional knowledge and real life experiences to help women achieve financial greatness. ‘I have lived the ups and downs and learned how to grow a wealthy business from the ground up. I know how following a proven method can fast track results.’

With limited spots available in her Higher Money program – working with Diana is an opportunity you don’t want miss.

Dondrea Owens (@thecreativescfo)

Dondrea Owens is an amazing Certified Public Accountant who is focused on helping female entrepreneurs control their finances and grow their profits since 2017. Her mission is to be a valuable resource for business owners so they can have the information and understanding they need to make smart investments. Before she became the founder of The Creative’s CFO, Dondrea spent a decade auditing financial statements for profitable companies at one of the best national accounting firms.

Her education and her professional experience allow her to have the skills to educate and empower women entrepreneurs. The Creative’s CFO offers high-quality services to coaches, consultants, and community builders that allow them to bring their vision to reality and create profitable offers for their target audience. Dondrea and her team of accountants offer something unique because they approach finances as a collaborative effort.

Most accountants focus only on the historical numbers of the company. Dondrea and her colleagues focus on the numbers - past and present - and they also work together with the CEO to understand what they want to accomplish. Instead of looking only at the past, Dondrea looks at the future and teaches CEOs to adopt strategies that will allow them to reach their goals effectively and profitably.

Shannon Weinstein, CPA (@shannonkweinstein)

Shannon Weinstein is an accomplished accountant who has always been passionate about her work. She has known this would be her career path as soon as she took her first accounting class. Shannon worked in public accounting for several years, but she soon discovered a passion for serving small business owners, not Fortune 500 companies. She also has a passion for fitness, which led her to become a fitness instructor and apply many of the same disciplines to motivate and inspire her accounting clients.

Shannon prides herself in not being a “typical accountant,” frequently making pop culture references and using real-life metaphors to explain complex financial topics. As a teacher at heart, she coaches her clients through the financial challenges they undertake in their businesses as they grow and scale, such as tax savings strategy, business entity selection and cash flow planning.

Shannon offers accounting and tax services focused on online service-based entrepreneurs. Her signature six-week coaching program, Fitnancial Foundations, helps early-stage entrepreneurs establish strong financial habits that will lead to success and maximize their tax savings. She also provides daily tax and accounting tips on all her social media platforms to support her community and provide even more value.

Ashley Waychoff (@prettypennyaccounting)

Ashley Waychoff is a professional accountant and founder of Pretty Penny, an accounting firm that helps entrepreneurs understand the financial aspect of their business so they can make better decisions and reach their financial goals. Ashley steps in and helps business owners understand where their money is spent, what they have to do to increase profits, and apply accounting practices to achieve greater organization, compliance, and financial clarity. She takes stressed entrepreneurs who are unsure about finances and helps them feel confident.

Ashley was raised with a first-hand understanding of what it takes to build a business thanks to her parents who have always been small business owners. She followed in their footsteps and she understands better than ever the challenges that come with owning and business and pushing it forward. She’s passionate about small businesses and wants to see them succeed, which is why she provides valuable services to those in need.

Her Pretty Penny services allow business owners to navigate the many learning curves of entrepreneurship by teaching them about the numbers in their business and how to use that knowledge effectively. She’s also passionate about helping fellow accountants, which is why she launched the Accountant’s Lounge membership, a space for accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professionals to network, learn from each other, and grow their businesses together.

Zelda Ibis (@zibisss)

Zelda Ibis is a Certified Practicing Accountant, who decided to start her own practice over 10 years ago. She predominantly works with women in business, assisting them with their compliance needs in accounting and tax. She is dedicated to building stronger financial literacy for all women.

Zelda is extremely passionate and drives ambitious women to achieve their dreams to become the CEO of their own empire.

She is the founder of the Facebook group called ‘Rich Woman CEO’s’ supporting women entrepreneurs, and empowering them to become more confident with numbers, whilst they build their businesses. Her Road to Riches program, which consists of a series of educational and valuable workshops, helps support and complement this.

In order for women to become financially independent, one must build a better relationship with money and rewrite their own money story.

These workshops provide the necessary knowledge and tools to help them shift their mindset around money and finances overall.

Anyone could become a successful CEO with continuous support and accountability. As a proactive accountant Zelda not only assists with all your accountancy and tax needs, she goes beyond this and helps to lead a community of like minded women to build real connections with one another.

Marlaina Young (@fuelbusinessconsulting)

Marlaina Young is a qualified accountant, a registered BAS Agent and a Xero Certified Advisor who loves working with small businesses and seeing them thrive. She climbed the corporate ladder for 10 years and worked for several companies, but when burnout became a common occurrence, she re-evaluated her life and her passions. What she discovered is that she was ready to break free and find her own path.

Today, she focuses on helping small businesses gain clarity and confidence around their finances through her holistic bookkeeping and advisory services. Marlaina has created an entirely remote and flexible experience with her company FUEL, getting to know each business like the back of her hand and striving to understand their goals so she can give her clients exactly what they need and more.

Marlaina also focuses on creating real connections with her clients because she understands how important it is to have a healthy mindset when you’re running a business. It’s also important to her that her clients understand how their business is doing, so she avoids fancy technical words, keeps everything simple, and creates an environment where all questions can be asked. With her accounting qualifications and her corporate background, Marlaina provides access to CFO services that wouldn’t be easily accessible for small businesses.

Brittany Taylor (@honeydigit)

Brittany Taylor is the founder of Honey Digit, where she helps female entrepreneurs understand their business finances so they can increase their profits and reduce their tax liability. She’s passionate about helping other entrepreneurs gain clarity about their business and offers support so they can understand the basics of bookkeeping.

Being a female entrepreneur is tough and there are a lot of challenges involved. Brittany provides high-quality, effective services that help her clients get their business finances organized so they can focus on other things. She helps them analyze their spending habits and cut costs wherever possible, while avoiding common bookkeeping mistakes. All these things are essential for a healthy business!

Brittany has grown her business organically through Instagram, so she knows what it’s like to build and scale a business on your own. She understands how difficult it can be to start from the ground up and she wants to provide an advantage for other women who are going through that process. She’s a wizard with her own personal finances and she has learned a lot over the last decade. This is what allows her to guide others to financial freedom, something everyone desires.

Grace Hancock (@countongrace_)

Grace Hancock is a Chartered Accountant and founder of Count on Grace, a Xero bookkeeping firm that focuses on helping small businesses keep their finances in good form. She is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and teaching them to manage their finances with confidence so they can simplify this aspect of business and focus on their main area of expertise.

Count on Grace provides a wide array of services including Xero Set-Up and Training packages, and Xero Health Checks, among other high-quality services that can help any small businesses move forward. Grace has chosen Xero as the main cloud accounting weapon in her arsenal because it has an amazing user interface, a variety of integration options, and many scalable features that make it a powerful tool.

Grace believes every business owner needs to have strong financial literacy, which is why she provides all the information they need in a format that’s not only fun but also easy to digest and apply. Count on Grace places a strong emphasis on being relatable to clients and making sure everyone is comfortable so they avoid fancy accounting lingo and keep an open line of communication, where there's no such thing as a silly question.

Marianna Agostino (@magostinowealth)

Based in Sydney, Australia, Marianna Agostino is a Chartered Accountant and the Founder of Conscious Wealth Creation. Graduating from UTS with a Bachelor in Mathematical Finance & Bachelor of International Studies, she went on to obtain a Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting. With 15 years of experience in the world of accounting, Marianna started her own practice after 8 years in the corporate world.

Her own entrepreneurial journey led her to develop an offering that meets the growing need of individuals and fellow business owners, to take control of their financial destinies and craft lives for themselves that are more about quality and balance, rather than chasing profits for their own sake. Her company mission is to break the mould and do tax and accounting differently, to help the most people, purposefully.

Marianna works with individuals and business owners to meet their financial goals in a conscious and sustainable way, approaching compliance as a check box, ensuring it is completed accurately but efficiently - using as much technology as possible. Taking it a step further, Marianna aims to educate and empower her clients to better understand their business and financial position - soon to launch her short online course, “Learn to love your Business (Financially)”. If you’re looking for an accountant who will help you feel in control and understand the process behind what's happening in your business, look no further than Marianna.

Alexis Mendivil (@planningwithlex)

Alexis Mendivil is the proud founder of Planning With Lex and she’s committed to providing high-quality bookkeeping services, automated system setup, and accounting software setup to all the online service providers that need it. Alexis has created a business people can rely on and she provides a partnership that allows clients to focus on what they love, be creative, and scale their business.

Alexis began her career in the banking industry, where she learned the importance of financial literacy. She worked in corporate for 8 years, but she felt unfulfilled and she didn’t want to participate in the unethical practices that she often witnessed. That’s why she decided to start her own business and she has never been happier. Planning With Lex is dedicated to providing valuable services so entrepreneurs can have a good work/life balance and stay ahead in such a dynamic industry.

She is sincerely passionate about the work she does and she has become a leader in financial literacy. Alexis is also meticulous about budgeting, planning for the future, and establishing financial stability, not only in business but also in everyone’s personal life. She has a radical spirit and she wants to make a difference in the industry by changing people’s mindsets about finances and providing a different outlook for future generations.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing bookkeepers & accountants. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together. Disclaimer: The information written in this piece was sought from the individuals, and to the best of Boost Media Agency’s knowledge, the representation of these entrepreneurs is accurate.

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