The 15 Virtual Assistant Coaches to Watch in 2021

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Boost Media Agency

The 15 VA Coaches to Watch
The 15 VA Coaches to Watch
The 15 VA Coaches to Watch

New York, New York, Feb. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the world of online business, the demand to perform in every industry is higher than ever. With solopreneurs reaching the level of needing an assistant to stay on top of everything in their business, the role of a virtual assistant is more important than ever. However, not all VA’s are ready to take on the roles they’ve been assigned, which is where a virtual assistant coach takes the stage. According to Boost Media Agency, a coach is of vital importance to create a thriving career as a VA. Each with their own unique coaching styles, here we present the 15 Virtual Assistant coaches to watch in 2021.

Isla Brook (@islabrook)

Isla Brook is the founder of her Virtual Assistant School, a place that empowers women and arms them with the knowledge and skills they need to build a strong foundation for success. She is an expert in mentoring and coaching highly trained and elite Virtual Assistants. She has also worked with Inc500 Companies and companies all over the world to help implement strategies for greater growth. Now, she’s focused on sharing her knowledge and tools with start-up and experienced Virtual Assistants alike.

Isla offers Virtual Assistants all the resources they need to start and scale their business or become Executive Virtual Assistants. She does this through her online training programs, which cover all the bases and lead Virtual Assistants to a higher level. She’s passionate about empowering other women so they can have the best of both worlds: a successful career and a healthy family life.

The virtual space is constantly evolving, so Isla makes sure her teachings are relevant and up to date with the latest technology and resources. This allows her to provide clients with a great advantage, which is very valuable in today’s highly competitive market. She truly believes that anyone can change their lives if they’re given the right tools and the support they need, which is exactly what she’s here to provide.

Erin Mortenson (@Erin.mort)

After climbing the corporate ladder for years, Erin Mortenson realized she wanted more in life. Her demanding corporate career had left her with terrible anxiety, and her desire to travel, live a better life, and help others was pointing her to the online space. She utilized her business skills and education to start a virtual assistant business, and was able to scale her business to $8,000/months within 4 months of launching. In doing so, Erin had debunked a popular myth that virtual assistants can’t make good money online, so she set out to bridge this gap in the industry. Erin’s signature program, the OSP Training Academy, thus was born. Through OSP, Erin pioneered a new, original way of teaching VA’s how to have successful, profitable businesses that allows them to ditch the 9 to 5 and make real money online. She has since helped over 200 clients start their own online businesses.

An industry leader and innovator, Erin has continued to shape the VA industry. Through her original framework in OSP, Erin and her team guide their clients to create successful businesses without having any prior online experience. Her core principles of integrity, work ethic, sustainability, and profitability have allowed for the long term success of her clients. Many of today’s top coaches even got their start in OSP, and the community of alumni is unmatched.

Outside of her passion for teaching VA’s, Erin is passionate about sharing her struggles with overcoming addiction and managing anxiety. Her authenticity, realness, and openness about her struggles have helped many in similar situations find hope. Through her page, free trainings, and with the help of the OSP Training Academy, many people have turned their situations around and have found success thanks to the valuable guidance Erin has to offer in her incredible programs.

Rachel Lewczuk (@virtuallyracks)

Rachel Lewczuk (Racks) is a high-level business coach who focuses on teaching both beginner and seasoned virtual assistants how to build and scale their business. She values action, boldness, and consistency, which is what allows her to help clients grow their business authentically in 4 months or less. She’s using her experience and expertise to help others build a successful VA business from the ground up.

Racks is no stranger to rock bottom, but she discovered her power and turned her life around. She went from a substance-addicted robot to a corporate slave, to finally finding that her purpose and passion is to help others achieve their dreams. She encourages her clients to aim high and go after what they want in life, in spite of fears of the unknown. Racks values authenticity, so she believes creating an online community where people can show themselves as they are makes for a powerful brand.

Racks has helped dozens of entrepreneurs break into the online space, many of them who have gone on to specialize as social media & podcast managers, copywriters, Online Business Managers (OBM’s), Pinterest managers, etc. In 2020 alone, Racks built an almost 6-figure brand & has seen consistent growth leading into 2021 for her and her clients alike. Her framework includes solution-based coaching, with an emphasis on leading with heart, direction, accountability, honesty, and transparency. Her signature group program, Virtual CEO Mastermind, offers unlimited one-on-one private calls per month, group calls, and tailored advice. “I provide a lot more than business development. Throughout this process you uncover parts of yourself that you never knew existed. It will have a ripple effect on all areas of your life”. Get in touch with Racks at to apply for VCM or reach out on IG @virtuallyracks

Tasha Booth (@thetashabooth)

Tasha Booth is a successful VA coach and podcaster featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, American Express Business, and Amy Porterfield's Marketing Made Easy Podcast. She’s the founder and CEO of The Launch Guild, an agency that provides full service course and program launch support to established coaches and course creators so they can amplify their impact in the current market.

Tasha is the head of a big team of professionals who work together to support and empower their clients. In only three years she scaled her agency to over a million dollars and now she helps Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, and Project Managers build their own successful businesses. Additional to her work in the agency, she creates actionable courses and programs.

Luckily for everyone in this field, Tasha’s agency provides options for people on all levels. Course and coaching options include Built to Profit, aimed at new and aspiring VAs who want to learn the ropes; Booked and Balanced, a 3-month program for established VAs who want to grow further; Legendary Launch Manager Certification, for those who want to specialize in launches, and the Agency Thrivemind, a 12-month program for those who want to build agency model businesses.

Jessica Strieder (@jessicastried)

Jessica Strieder is a Virtual Assistant coach and business mentor who offers multiple coaching programs to assist people in the different stages of building and scaling a business. She focuses on helping new VAs dive into the online space and find their way with detailed methods and strategies that are actionable and conducive to success. She also shares her knowledge with established VAs who want to reach a new level.

Jessica believes in individual attention as there’s not a one-size-fits-all that will work for everyone. As such, it’s her passion to work one-on-one and develop strategies that are specific to the client’s needs so they can enjoy better results. She has been in the shoes of new VAs, so she has the experience to walk them through the challenges and obstacles, and she has found success on her own, so she can help established VAs from an outside perspective and help them improve their services.

She’s happy providing a hands-on approach and she pays individual attention to all her clients. Jessica checks in daily with clients because she doesn’t only care about helping them realize their dreams, but she also cares about their mental health during the journey, which can be difficult to manage. Her support and help are honest and she’s not in this for a quick buck, she genuinely cares about all her projects, which is why she’s able to help people reach tremendous growth.

Kat Ann (@katbellusci)

Kat Ann is a trusted mentor for Virtual Assistants who offers the knowledge she has amassed in her career as a virtual assistant for some of the largest online personal brands in female entrepreneurship. After spending almost 6 years in social media strategy and almost 2 years in virtual assisting, Kat is very familiar with the ins and outs of the business. She knows exactly what it takes to scale a brand, not only because she has done it for some of the largest online personal brands, but also because she has done it for her own brand.

Using all the knowledge and experience she has gained in her long career, Kat began creating programs designed to help new Virtual Assistants accelerate through the growing pains of starting a new business. She helps her clients identify all that they bring to the table and create solid & scalable offers centred around their skills and abilities. Her programs don’t only offer support, but also tangible career systems and strategies, which are incredibly valuable.

What she does so well is identify her client’s strengths as Virtual Assistants and match them to the type of career track that will lead them to greater success. As a result, her programs have helped many Virtual Assistants hit the 6-figure mark while developing systems that allow them to be irreplaceable in a highly competitive market.

Maggie May (@maggie_may_pemberton)

Maggie May is a Virtual Assistant Coach and Business Mentor who focuses on helping women discover their power and use it to confidently build and scale successful businesses. She understands how awesome it is to live life on your own terms and how starting a virtual assistant business can help you achieve that. That’s

exactly what she’s done and she wants to take her experience and knowledge to empower other women who want that for themselves.

Maggie is a wife and a mama to three. As her second maternity leave was ending, she realized she didn’t want to return to her corporate job and leave her newborn at home. She wanted a job that would allow her to be present at home with her babies AND provide financially for her family. She discovered Virtual Assisting, enrolled in a course and hired a mentor. Soon after, she started her own VA/OBM business.

In only 7 months, she reached 6 figures, and after a little over a year, she has been able to retire her husband, grow her family, and actually enjoy her life doing the things she loves while traveling full time. She’s proud of providing super individual coaching that truly helps women use their magic to change their lives. She takes her personal connection to her clients very seriously and describes her approach as the perfect balance between a cheerleader, teacher and an accountability partner. Maggie provides super valuable coaching and mentoring that her clients swear by and she has helped transform the lives of many.

Khadjeda (@thrivevirtually)

Khadejah is a devoted wife, mom of two girls, and owner of Thrive Virtually, a virtual assistant agency. Thrive Virtually specializes in helping online coaches start and manage their online membership.

Khadejah understands how gruesome it can be to find and hire good talent online. Thrive Virtually prides itself on delivering quality and reliable support to entrepreneurs so they can focus on being a true CEO in their business.

Prior to starting her company, she worked in tech sales and the entertainment industry for companies such as Oracle, ESSENCE, and Viacom.

In 2018, Khadejah decided she wanted to spend more time with her daughter at home and the idea of starting a virtual assistant presented itself to her. Within 40 days, she started her business and received her first 5 clients. She was able to replace her income from her full-time job working part-time hours within the first year. She is currently passionate about teaching other mompreneurs how to start their virtual assistant business so they can achieve their desire of working from home into a reality.

She wrote an e-book titled “How to Make Your First 1k as a VA in The Next 40 Days,” where she provides step by step action items on how to start a virtual assistant business. To learn more about how to get started, visit

Aubree Malick (@aubreemalick)

Aubree Malick is a coach who focuses on helping overwhelmed freelancers scale their business to $5k/month and beyond. She was an elementary teacher, but when her first son was born, she decided to make a change. She wanted to have more flexibility and create her own schedule so she could be with her family, so she decided to jump into freelancing. Two months later, she was making enough money to quit her job and pursue freelancing full-time, just in time for the arrival of her second son. She never looked back since!

After quickly scaling her freelancing business, she realized that she missed teaching, which is why she decided to start a coaching business. Now, she gets to teach other women through her podcast, FB community and paid programs, who are struggling with freelancing so their business can reach new heights. Her Freelancer to CEO Academy is a paid monthly membership that gives people access to Aubree’s core framework.

Members also receive monthly coaching sessions, challenges, and a collaborative community full of freelancers and virtual assistants who encourage and support each other through their entrepreneurial journey. Aubree’s passion for teaching and inspiring others continues to guide her coaching; helping other women find success in both motherhood and business.

Karlie Young (@karlie.h.young)

Karlie Young is a coach for Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers who finally found her passion after spending 10 years in the corporate world. Born and raised in Australia, Karlie moved to the US in 2012 after backpacking around the country and falling in love with the American lifestyle. In her corporate job, she supported high-level executives, but something was missing. She didn’t feel joy in her work, so she decided to find her true passion.

With a motivation to find freedom and gain more control in her life, she started her own Virtual Assistant business at the beginning of 2020. Three months later, as her business took off, she quit her corporate job and never looked back. Soon, she transitioned into an Online Business Manager role and started a small agency to support her clients.

Karlie’s business has scaled beyond her expectations and continues to grow today. She decided to take her knowledge and experience and coach other Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers so that they can also reach their goals and create more successful businesses. Her coaching is personalized and it’s focused on building a strong foundation for clients to grow and scale their businesses. She provides all of the tools they need, not only to attract clients, but also to create a profitable business and provide truly valuable services.

Brooklyn Disch (@brooklyndisch)

Brooklyn Disch is a Virtual Assistant coach who left a 9 to 5 job she didn’t love, to find success helping others follow their dreams. She’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit and before she started her Virtual Assistant business, she tried her hand at many different online business ideas. When she pivoted to working as a VA, she knew it was the perfect fit.

When Brooklyn finally left her HR and Executive Assistant 9 to 5 job to dedicate herself entirely to her VA business, it only took her two weeks to be fully booked with dream clients. She has met nothing but growth from then on. She started coaching by first publishing an eBook and also offered 60-minute strategy calls to new VAs. Soon after, she launched her first 10-week, one on one coaching program, which has proven to be successful.

Aside from her one-on-one coaching, she also offers a passive course, Attracting Ideal Clients on Instagram, that supports new VAs in creating content that gets clients asking to work with them. All her services are based on the same fundamentals: lead with value, show up authentically, and build genuine connections. Brooklyn is proud of fostering an online community where she can be herself as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community and creating an inclusive and supportive space for VAs who want to build their dream businesses.

Kata Opashinov (@kata.opas)

Kata Opashinov always had a passion for helping people, and knew she was meant for more than corporate life. After feeling stuck and burnt out in her corporate career, Kata decided to start her online business as a Virtual Assistant. She found quick success, becoming booked out within 2 months and hitting her first $10,000 month only 2 months later. She eventually reached 6 figures and decided she wanted to help and empower others to start their own successful businesses.

After going into mentorship, many of Kata’s clients found themselves having the same success she did. In November 2020, she joined the OSP Training Academy where she is a head coach. She is now helping others start their businesses as VA’s and online service providers.

With a passion for tech, systems, and automations, Kata provides a wealth of knowledge and resources to her followers and clients looking to leverage technology in their businesses.

Kata’s kindness, empathy, and genuine compassion for anyone who needs help have helped her solidify her place in the VA Coaching industry. She’s an amazing mentor and looks forward to the continued success of her clients through OSP.

Hannah Plourde (@wild_consulting)

Hannah Plourde is a successful VA coach who is passionate about empowering womxn to leave their binding 9 to 5s in exchange for independent wealth by growing their own Virtual Assistant business. Before becoming her own boss, Hannah found herself at her lowest point when she lost her job due to COVID-19. She decided to stop depending on “traditional jobs” to pay her bills and create a life where passions are not sacrificed for income.

Six months later, her Social Media Manager business grew to the point she doubled her yearly income. Now, she is a committed VA coach so that she can help other women who feel stuck in a 9 to 5 job create their dream lives. Hannah learned a lot in her journey and she uses her knowledge and experience to empower women so they can create their financial freedom.

Hannah reached success without turning to paid marketing. Everything was accomplished through networking and word of mouth, so she’s certain you don’t need a fancy website, a social media page with tons of followers, or invest big bucks to be successful. She teaches her clients that they have all the power and drive they need to truly grow and move past emotional blocks to create a happy, successful, and fulfilled life.

Lauren Birkmire (@lbcoachingandconsulting)

Lauren Birkmire is an insightful Virtual Assistant coach who is passionate about teaching her students the skills they need to become essential to their clients and grow a successful business. She founded her first company, L. Elizabeth Virtual Assistant, in 2018 and she worked for 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs for a year. During that time, she quickly moved through ranks to online business manager and director of operations, where she learned a lot about what clients need.

Working in operations she realized there was a gap that needed to be filled between what business owners need in a VA and what other VAs had been trained to do. She founded LB Coaching and Consulting to teach virtual assistants and aspiring virtual assistants those valuable skills so they will be assets to any company they work in and highly sought after.

Her company has helped clients finally leave their 9 to 5 jobs and double their income in as little as 3 months. Lauren’s VA coaching services are available in a group setting but she also works with her students on an individual level so they can learn what they need to scale their business and generate more income while working smarter instead of harder. Her services are extremely valuable and they allow VAs to reach their full potential faster than they ever thought possible.

Banke Adebayo (@iambankeadebayo)

Banke Adebayo is an award-winning virtual assistant coach/mentor, online course launch expert, and author. She is a serial entrepreneur who started her first business when she was just 13 and over the last 25 years, she has started and successfully run multiple businesses, grown teams & mentored leaders.

She started her virtual assistant business A-LIST VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS offering social media management services to business owners in 2016, shortly after being homebound after childbirth & prolonged illness. Today, it has evolved to A-List Tech LLC. A digital marketing agency that offers course launch & tech support to online coaches and content creators. Her mission is to see every female course creator harness technology to deliver their courses, increase their income and live better lives using the power of automation.

“Every single course or coaching program I set up is based on my personal experiences- challenges and how I solved them as a virtual assistant and service provider. I never teach from research, if I'm teaching about it, I have earned the right” Banke explains. Banke firmly believes that every woman should be and can be financially independent, irrespective of her current situation, and is dedicated to helping as many women as she can set up profitable work from home businesses, through her coaching, courses, and social enterprise - TECH FOR ANNE MARIE. She has helped hundreds of women set up profitable virtual assistants/work from home businesses & continues to do these with her 8-week group coaching program and virtual assistant DIY course.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing VA coaches as they continue to help their clients thrive and build their business. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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