19-year-old Oklahoman recovering after shark bite in Galveston: 'I started punching it'

A 19-year-old Oklahoman is recovering after she was bitten by a shark while on vacation.

Damiana Humphrey, of Durant, was spending the week of Memorial Day with her family in Galveston when a normal beach day on May 28 took a turn. Humphrey and her siblings were in waist-deep waters when her sister-in-law saw something tan in the water, according to an interview with Fox 26 Houston.

"As I was turning, a shark grabbed a hold of my hand," Humphrey said. "I looked down and there was a shark attached to my hand, so I guess I started punching it. That part is kind of blurry to me."

The shark, which was reportedly about four to five feet long, eventually let go and swam away, allowing Humphrey and her siblings to get safely to shore.

The shark bite severed four tendons in her hand, Humphrey said, but after surgery and with the help of physical therapy she is supposed to make a full recovery.

"Honestly, I'm just glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been," Humphrey said.

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Peter Davis, Galveston Beach Patrol Chief, told Fox 26 that while these incidents may scare some people off from venturing into the ocean, shark bites like this one are uncommon in the area. Around 8 million people come through Galveston beaches throughout the year, he said, but shark bites are only reported once every couple of years.

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