38 percent think third party president likely by 2020

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Almost four in ten Americans think there is a good chance that a third party candidate will win one of the next three presidential elections.

A Rasmussen poll released Monday shows that 38 percent of Americans think it is at least somewhat likely that a candidate not from one of the two major political parties will be elected to the White House by 2020. Eleven percent of those polled said it is “very likely” that a third party candidate will be elected president in the next ten years. That is comparable to the 13 percent who completely ruled out the possibility.

The same poll also showed that 43 percent of Americans believe that “neither party in Congress is the party of the American people.” While half of the respondents disagreed that a third party is needed to adequately represent the electorate, 38 percent of respondents believe a third party is necessary.

According to the poll, 49 percent of unaffiliated voters think a third party is needed, and 51 percent agree that neither the GOP nor the Democratic Party is “the party of the American people.” A plurality of Republicans feel the same way, while Democrats mostly do not.

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