Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Highlights the “Harvard Factor” in His Success Story

Award-winning cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rodney Raanan, explains the influence of Harvard University in becoming a success in the field

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Dr. Rodney Raanan is a key global opinion leader and innovator of new industry techniques in the field of dentistry. Partner of Rifkin and Raanan dental practice, Dr. Rodney Raanan is a product of one of the most prestigious universities in the world – Harvard University. Dr. Raanan trained at Harvard School of Medicine, where he obtained a Doctorate in Prosthodontics. In a recent interview, the revolutionary dentist and strong proponent of minimally invasive dentistry explained the influence his time at Harvard has had on his career.

“Harvard has made me the person I am today. I believe that education is one of the most powerful influencers in the world,” said Dr. Rodney Raanan. “Harvard provided some of the best and most influential professors to learn from,” Dr. Raanan continued.

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According to the award-winning specialist in cosmetic dentistry, Harvard’s diverse styles and approaches to teaching played a major role in the successes he has recorded in his career. As a passionate, solution-oriented individual that loves to explore all possible problem-solving techniques, his time at Harvard helped reiterate that there is always more than one way of solving a particular problem. Dr. Raanan went on to reveal that his training at Havard taught him how to develop the most comprehensive treatment plans. “Harvard taught me how to think!” said Dr. Raanan.

Harvard’s mission to educate leaders of dental medicine really resonated with the now global dentistry figure, particularly due to his passion for having a positive influence on not only his immediate environment, but his dental students and future colleagues.

Dr. Raanan has continuously worked to push the limits of his own potential to make a difference in society. He has been able to increase his influence as a professional aesthetic dentist as well as a community member by leveraging his background and skills as an innovative leader.

“I am proud to be a Harvard graduate,” – Dr. Rodney Raanan.