Minecraft Hunger Games exists, and it’s just as amazing as you’re imagining

What happens when you combine one of the hottest movies of the year with a giant virtual sandbox? You get perhaps the coolest custom Minecraft experience ever — not to mention plenty of chaos. Hunger Games-style Minecraft servers are popping up all over, and — short of an officially-licensed Hunger Games title — they are one of the best ways to live out your Mockingjay-fueled fantasies.

Most of the serious Hunger Games servers are called "Survival Games," but don't let that fool you: The experience will definitely feel like you're living in the fictional nation of Panem. Players — called "tributes" to add to the authenticity — start off each session by mimicking the opening action scene, with tributes standing a large circle around a cache of supplies. When the timer hits zero, all bets are off.

[Warning: Video below contains some harsh language]

The supplies are held in chests, and each player must scavenge as much as they can before sprinting off into the surrounding wilderness. It's a tricky proposition, as many players immediately start attacking one another in order to snag the best weapons and other resources. Once the initial action dies down, players begin methodically hunting each other in the hopes of being the last tribute alive.

Players must focus on scavenging loose items from the landscape rather than engaging in typical Minecraft shenanigans like building houses and the like. And, just like in The Hunger Games, alliances can be formed between groups of tributes to help hunt down stragglers, but be warned: Betrayal is a very real danger, and you should always keep an eye on a fellow player brandishing a shiny iron sword.

A dedicated Minecraft Survival Games website has been established, complete with links to custom servers and even leaderboards to track the progress of the best tributes. If you fancy a Hunger Games experience, there's no better place to go — just make sure you watch you back. Not familiar with Minecraft? Check out our review of the Xbox 360 version to learn more.

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