Blue 2 Fire creeping too close for comfort for remote neighborhood

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – As the Blue 2 Fire grows to nearly 7,000 acres, more neighborhoods are preparing to evacuate. “It’s been frustrating, you know, I keep checking all of the websites and looking for information,” said Brenda Restivo, Property Association President of Ranches of Sonterra.

As the Blue 2 Fire continues to spread outside Ruidoso, all Brenda Restivo can do is watch from her patio and hope it doesn’t get any closer. “It’s quite concerning, I’ve got a daughter on either coast and you know, and they’re constantly checking on me to see what’s happening,” said Restivo.

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Restivo lives about 12 miles North of Ruidoso at the Ranches of Sonterra in Alto. “Predominately, part-time people but we have maybe 180 full-time residents that live here,” said Restivo.

The remote neighborhood has a volunteer board, like an HOA, that’s responsible for the safety of the community. Right now, Restivo says it’s all on her to keep everyone updated on the fire. “Our neighbors are not our neighbors, they’re three or four acres away so it’s not that we can just go knock on the door and say hey,” said Restivo.

Restivo says the southern end of the property is about two miles from the fire. “Once night time comes and you start to see flames, the intensity of the calls, the issues come up more,” said Restivo.

Right now, their area is in the ready status, so Restivo is packed and ready to go if needed.

“The ridge that I’m looking at now, if it jumps that ridge if it comes over that ridge, I think we’ll immediately be moved to set because it’s gonna come down that mountain. There’s no other ridge between us and that,” said Restivo.

She’s hoping it doesn’t come to that. “I hope we don’t go through that again because Little Bear we were evacuated here for six days and we had no idea, I mean, that fire came within 150 feet of my home so that was scary,” said Restivo.

Restivo says she is sending emails to all residents to help keep them updated. Right now, a mountain ridge and Highway 48 are all that lies between her neighborhood and the fire.

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